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Mike Opera
Director of Social Media
Power Digital Marketing

At Power Digital Marketing, we rely on digital innovation and a customized approach, helping us earn the reputation as a truly ROI-focused digital marketing agency. Quizzes have helped us to generate some incredible returns for our clients, and here are four steps that we used for one particularly successful campaign.

Step 1 – Ask interesting questions

We made a quiz for an online soccer store that helped athletes find out which cleats they should be wearing. For the person taking the quiz, the reward was a rich, interactive experience that gave them a personalized outcome based on their inputs. And for us, we gained tremendous insights into who these people were and what they were interested in.

Let's take this question, for instance:

If Person A selects Neymar and Person B selects Messi, we want to market to them in different ways. Sure, they're both probably soccer fans if they're on the site and taking a quiz about cleats, but those subtle differences in personality can make a big difference when it comes to the future conversations we want to initiate with these site visitors.

So, how do we obtain and use this data? That leads us to...

Step 2 – Get those leads

When someone completes a quiz, give them a reason for wanting to continue the conversation with you. Because once someone converts and fills out that lead form, you don't just get their email address. You get to see how they answered each question, meaning you can do some incredibly enhanced segmentation with your lists.

Here is the form we used for the aforementioned soccer quiz:

That form helped us add 5,200 highly qualified, data-enhanced leads to their email list. And the magic came in what we did with those leads...

Step 3 –Personalize the conversation

We exported a list of the leads to a spreadsheet, and we filtered them based on how they answered the question about which player their game most resembled. We then uploaded each of the segments to Facebook to create custom audiences so we could serve up an ad that would be more likely to resonate with them.

For the people that selected "Neymar," for instance, here's what they saw:

Stop for a second and think about the power of this ad experience. 

We'll wait... ;)

A few thousand people just went onto our client's site and indicated that they liked Neymar. Now, they're scrolling through their Facebook feed, and this is an ad that pops up. 

And the best part (for us) is what happens next.

Step 4 –Measure, report and analyze

Here are the key results from this ad campaign:

  • Amount Spent: $572.19
  • Revenue Generated: $10,943.56
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $9.54

That's right – for every dollar we spent promoting these personalized ads, we got $19 in return. That's an ROI we'll live with any day.

With Qzzr Pro, you get...


Unlimited leads so that the conversation doesn't have to stop after your site visitors start to engage.

Response and outcome data so that you don't have to fly blind when it's time to follow up with your new leads. You will know about their preferences, interests, and personality traits. Your subject lines will practically write themselves.

Enhanced customization  allowing you to create content with the same quiz platform that Red Bull, Victoria's Secret, and Sony use.


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